About Us

Mary Kuemmeth
Owner, Pets Plus

Living in Plymouth, MA most of my life, my family and I moved to central FL over 10 yrs ago to escape the cold. There, I gave birth to my 2nd daughter and started working out at a local Y. I loved it so much, I became a certified Fitness Instructor. Getting paid to do something that I enjoyed, and it made me feel GREAT, which was a bonus.

I also started making some great friends who loved to travel. They knew we were big animal lovers, so we became their go-to for watching their pets when they went away. It’s something we loved doing and couldn’t believe that people wanted to pay us to do it!!

Over 7 years later, I divorced my husband and had a tough decision to make. I decided it was best for my daughters to be back with our family in Massachusetts. When I moved back, I still wasn’t thinking of pet sitting as a career. But I had to find a job, and fast.

I started working as a Home Health Aide but as much as I loved my clients, it was hard work and I knew it wasn’t something I could do long term. My last clients were the parents of an old friend, who owned a successful doggy day care.

She not only gave me great advice on starting my business, but became like family (along with her 2 sisters). I know we were brought back together for a reason and I am now doing what I love and couldn’t be happier!!!